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Most of the organizations' past United Way campaigns were poorly run and this reflected negatively on the organization within the community. General manager wanted to ensure that the organization ran a stellar campaign that was not only received well in the community but which also grew goodwill for the employee population. United Way had just undergone a significant scandal, which created distrust in those who had previously made contributions. Additionally, the employee population viewed it as a nuisance and there was an overall feeling of apathy towards it.

Assumed responsibility for United Way campaign. Assembled strong team of volunteers and put together a strategic plan that the team would execute over the coming months. Addressed scandal issue by developing effective communications strategy that emphasized the positive aspects of the closer scrutiny the United Way would have, assuring money would effectively go to those in need. Targeted apathetic employees by developing field trips to, and participations with, local United Way agencies, allowing employees to sign up and be paid for their time, and by instituting incentives to increase interest.

The award-winning performance generated contributions that were 188% higher than the previous best campaign year and participation was at roughly 95%, also the highest ever recorded.

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