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  • Reduced worker's compensation claims by 85% saving $500,000 over the prior year and promoted employee health and wellness by implementing creative programs to engage and increase employee awareness. Read Full Success Story 

  • Spearheaded the United Way campaign, which yielded a 188% increase in donations over the previous year and best campaign ever conducted at the property. Read Full Success Story 

  • Managed ownership transformation and shutdown of resort operations, easing the layoff of over 300 employees. Read Full Success Story 

  • Recipient of Washingtonian Magazine's, "Best Places to Work in Washington DC" Read Full Success Story

  • AH&LA's national award recipient for "Best One Time Community Service Initiative" Read Full Success Story 

  • Improved organizational leadership while increasing company's positive image in the market by accepting board positions for three major neighborhood associations. 

  • Recipient of Omni Hotel's Associate Facilities - Mirror Image award 

  • Lead a successful visit of President Bill Clinton working in collaboration with state and local law enforcement and the US Secret Service. 

  • Created the Downtown Jacksonville Security Association and a network of information-sharing entities that helped prevent crime through collaboration with business and law enforcement agencies.Founding member in coordinating the implementation of a homeless shelter and providing security consultation the business improvement district.

  • Founding member in coordinating the implementation of a homeless shelter and providing security consultation the business improvement district.

  • Lead cultural transformation to achieve the best employee opinion survey results in the company's history. Read Full Success Story 

  • Fully transitioned property from a Westin-brand culture to Omni-brand culture in less than 30 days. Read Full Success Story 

  • Category lead and first hospitality recipient of the "Governor's Sterling Award for Quality Excellence" Read Full Success Story 

  • Guided the organization and Executive Team through a values clarification exercise that led to the creation of the company's Vision and Mission Statements and 20 service fundamentals. 

  • Reinforced company's Vision, Mission and Service principles through creation of daily "In Our World" employee publication. 

  • Created and implemented new employee orientation, resulting in growth for feedback and employee satisfaction with on-boarding by 25% while turnover dropped by 14%.

  • Effectively negotiated and carried out OFCCP Desk Audit and subsequent conciliation agreements to improved core diversity, utilization and all affirmative action initiatives. Read Full Success Story 

  • Improved labor relations and reduced grievances by over 50%, resolving all issues without the need for arbitration or legal representation by re-negotiating/authoring several collective bargaining agreements. Read Full Success Story

  • Increased employee coverage and service while at the same time reducing the benefits percentage of payroll from 27% to 20.5% in the first year alone, representing a reduction of $1.6 million. Read Full Success Story 

  • Protected hundreds of thousands of dollars in government business by successfully implementing legally mandated Affirmative Action Plan for the company.

  • Restructured all aspects of a large 500-bed employee housing facility saving the company more than $200,000 in overhead. 

  • Guided the organization through the Deep Water Horizon Oil crisis assisting employees through the BP claim process that ultimately led to employee payouts in excess of $500,000 and several million dollars in business payouts.

  • Implemented a secret shopper program to monitor customer service and alcohol service that led to an annual loss in shrinkage of 42% and an increase in service satisfaction.

  • Created and implemented a Training Certification program for all employees, which resulted in each employee meeting, certified quality standards.

  • Transitioned $90 million in company properties from corporate ownership to sole proprietorship by strategically defining and organizing divestiture processes to effectively align resources in successor company. Read Full Success Story 

  • Reduced overall HR related costs by 40% by completely reengineering seasonal talent acquisition and staffing plans, enhancing customer service and employee diversity.

  • Created and implemented Compensation Incentive plan that resulted in the organization exceeding budgeted profit by 122% and 100% payout to bonus eligible employees. 

  • Created and implemented annual staffing model that allowed for better planned on-boarding, resulting in labor savings and improved customer service 
    Renegotiated the collective bargaining agreements yielding union concessions that improved operational efficiency and provided temporary financial relief.

  • Achieved 100% of key objectives by implementing executive level and line management strategic goal-setting process, ultimately ensuring total involvement of the employee population. 

  • Created the very first partnership with the US Department of Labor in Jacksonville and internship with Florida State University - School of Hospitality 
    Successfully managed safety and security for campaign meeting attended by President George H. Bush.

  • Chosen by Area Chamber of Commerce to participate in Community Mentoring program. 

  • Completely restructured the organizations performance improvement processes, moving the feedback process from one-dimensional to multidimensional.

  • Sought out and implemented all HRIS systems including payroll, timekeeping, recruiting and on-boarding, and a new and more functional company intranet. 

  • Designed and lead the upgrade, purchase and construction of all digital closed- circuit surveillance systems, resulting in enhanced and innovative security monitoring and detection capabilities.

  • Provided leadership and consultation expertise, guiding client through transition that ultimately resulted in closing down the business.