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Ed Schwitzky - Former Vice President of eCommerce - TPG Hotels & Resorts
"Ned Webster is someone you want representing your organization at the senior leadership level. His vision and insights are invaluable, complemented by an ability to facilitate, moderate or negotiate depending on the situation. Ned effectively relates to associates at all levels and in a variety of circumstances. With a marketing-like approach to winning and delighting associates, Ned’s influence on associate satisfaction at TPG Hotels & Resorts was particularly apparent. It has been my good fortune to work with a number of talented Human Resources professionals, albeit none finer than Ned Webster."
Scott Russell - Partner - Dynamic Sales Solutions
"Ned brought a high level of expertise in the Human Resource field to Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort and during his leadership the resort enjoyed the highest level of employee satisfaction since being recorded. His understanding of the needs of all stakeholders is rare in this area of the industry. I would recommend Ned for any position that requires startegy and strategic thinking as far as results warranted."
Ken Bell - Director, Labor Management Systems - Hilton Americas Region
"Ned is a person who can be trusted to do the right thing and always be there to take the heat if an unpopular decision has to be made. He might even persuade the naysayers to see things differently with his calm yet immovably decisive approach. He always made it a point to educate himself if ever he felt he was not well-informed on a subject important to his role. His unflappable demeanor with a reliable compassion for his fellow man made Ned a sought-after and trusted colleague."
John Russell - Partner - Russell Vacation Rentals
"Ned Webster is an extremely knowledgeable and capable Human Resources professional. What sets him above most in his field is that he is very approachable and builds great trust with staff members. Those trusting relationships allow him to drive an organizations culture and performance to the highest level."
Tom Sheridan - Medical Malpractice & Risk Management Consultant
"Detailed, concise, understands exactly what he is in need of and knows how to not accept anything less."
Francis Carmello - Area General Manager - Dimension Development
"Ned and I worked together while in DC. His knowledge, commitment and dedication to the entire hotel staff is something to be modeled after. It was my pleasure working with Ned on a daily basis and I would look forward to working with Ned again in the future."
Glenn Kornahrens - Resort General Manager and Sales/Marketing Executive
"I have had the good fortune to work with Ned both at Daufuskie Island Resort and at Sandestin Investments. He is a trusted colleague and friend. Ned's extensive knowledge of human resource practices, procedures and law made him a valued resource when navigating the often complex issues involved in staff management. His serious, well informed but common sense approach to those issues always led to the most positive outcomes for both the employees and the companies he represented. Interacting with Ned at the Executive Committee level was refreshing as well because his years of experience in a variety of organizational models afforded him a broad range of perspectives and insights which he willingly and respectfully shared with his peers."
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